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About Martha Richards

Martha Richards is the Founder and Executive Director of WomenArts. She has over 30 years of arts management experience, and she writes and lectures frequently on arts and cultural policy issues. (See her bio)

Art Became the Oxygen: An Excellent Resource Guide for Artist-Activists

Art Became the Oxygen

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture has just published Arts Became the Oxygen: An Artistic Response Guide. The free, downloadable, 74-page booklet is an excellent new resource for artists who are looking for creative ways to respond to current events.  It is packed with lively descriptions of artists who are helping communities respond, recover, and rebuild […]

Happy Support Women Artists Now Day 2017!

Manifestation by Angela Alés

Dear Friends, It is hard to believe that it is the 10th Anniversary of Support Women Artists Now Day already! What a fantastic decade it has been! I always love compiling the giant list of SWAN events below and learning more about everyone’s work. It is so clear that our movement for gender parity in […]

An Election Guide for Women Artists

Although the mainstream media have been providing non-stop coverage of the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential campaigns, the arts have not been mentioned much. To fill this gap, WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards compares the positions of the candidates on a few key issues that directly affect women artists. Equal Pay – Women working full-time […]

Tell Your Legislators That Artists Need Jobs!

Lenore Thomas at Work

The Democrats have asked for input about their party platform in preparation for their  annual convention at the end of this month.  The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture has created an online petition asking them to include the creation of more jobs for artists as a goal in their platform. I helped draft this […]

Dallas Museum of Art Unveils New Rebecca Warren Sculpture

Rebecca Warren, Sculptor

On April 18, 2016, the Dallas Museum of Art unveiled Pas de Deux (Plaza Monument), an outdoor sculpture featuring two larger than life figures by the acclaimed British sculptor, Rebecca Warren. This is a milestone for women in the male-dominated world of sculpture.  Warren’s piece is one of the first commissioned works by a living […]

Andi Zeisler’s New Book Tackles Commercialization of Feminism

Andi Zeisler & Anita Sarkeesian

Andi Zeisler was born in the 1970s and she witnessed the intense backlash against feminism in the 1980s and early 1990s. In 1995, the same year that WomenArts was founded in Massachusetts, Zeisler co-founded Bitch Magazine: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture in Oregon. Since pop culture has such a deep influence and is so pervasive, […]