Funding Resources Overview

Information about Grants & Other Opportunities

The Funding Resources section of the site contains the following:

  • Lists of Funding Sources – The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition maintains the annotated lists of foundations categorized by arts discipline that were formerly on the WomenArts website.  You can find the lists in the Resources Section of their website.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to your questions about funding, the resources on this web site, starting a business, and more. Read More>>

Build Your Skills

The Build Your Skills section of our website has additional helpful articles about fundraising and the business of being an artist including:

  • Tips for Artists Starting Out – Our former Director of Artist Services Deborah Steinberg offers a few tips about making a good impression on everyone you contact. Read more>>
  • Fundraising Basics – A short introduction to fundraising from individual donors by WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards. Read more>>
  • Publicity Basics – A short introduction to publicity techniques by WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards. Read more>>
  • Do You Need a Fiscal Sponsor? – If you need non-profit status to be eligible for grants, you might want to use a fiscal sponsor instead of forming your own non-profit corporation. This article explains how fiscal sponsorships work, and it gives links to organizations that provide this service. Read more>>
  • Introduction to Crowdfunding – If you want to raise money for an arts project directly from your fans and supporters using the internet, crowdfunding is a great option. Director of Artist Services Deborah Steinberg provides an introduction to crowdfunding and an overview of two major crowdfunding sites. Read more>>
  • Kickstarter Success Stories – We interviewed 2 theatre companies and 2 film companies who shared their advice about how to use the crowdfunding website at successfully. Read more>>

Other Resources

We also have the following lists: