Make a Gift to WomenArts for Giving Tuesday!

Donate to WomenArts for Giving TuesdayWhen times are tough, how many times have you turned on some music or picked up a good book?  And didn’t you feel better afterwards?

We all know the healing power of the arts on an individual level. At WomenArts, we constantly see that healing power on a global level.

We get letters from women artists all over the world who we will probably never meet, and yet we feel deeply connected by experiencing their art.  

Ten years ago we created Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day to capture some of that energy. Our goals were to celebrate the full power and diversity of women’s creativity, and to unite women artists around the world. With the help of thousands of women artists in 36 countries, this grassroots effort has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

In these troubled times, SWAN Day is more important than ever because it reminds us of a world that the mainstream media ignores – a world of women artists who continue to dream and create in spite of all the obstacles.  We believe in these women and they give us hope. They have the vision to help us through the next four years and the next four generations. We must make sure their voices are heard!

We know that the economy is challenging for many of you. If that is your situation, please know that we are rooting for you, and we hope that you can find the strength to keep doing your art.

If you are able to celebrate Giving Tuesday today, please help us show the world the power of women’s creativity. Make a gift to WomenArts and help us make SWAN Day 10 the best one yet!

We will deeply appreciate whatever you can give. Even small gifts make a difference.

Thank you!

Donate to WomenArts for Giving Tuesday