Happy Support Women Artists Now Day 2019!

Women around the world are celebrating the Twelfth International Support Women Artists Now Day today.  Hurray!!  Please be sure to tell your favorite women artists how much you appreciate them today! A Special SWAN Message from Martha Richards, WomenArts Executive Director Thanks so much to everyone who has made SWAN Day such a wonderful success […]

Revolutionary Love: Elizabeth Vega & the Tornillo Occupation

Special Guest Blog by Amelia Parenteau. Elizabeth Vega is an “artivist” – an artist and activist who understands that art is its own form of powerful resistance. She has dedicated her life to harnessing that power and teaching others how to do the same. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, she works constantly on projects that combine […]

WomenArts Writes to Santa

Dear Santa, First of all, thanks so much for all that you do for the world.  It is wonderful to have an international leader who is such an inspiring symbol of kindness and generosity. I know that this is your busy season, but I wanted to put in a couple of special requests for women […]

Get Ready for SWAN Day 2019!

Sophie Dowllar, Martha Richards, Lydiah Dola

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season, and we wanted to remind you that Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day is only a few months away.  We hope you will make a New Year’s resolution to join us in making SWAN Day 2019 the biggest and best celebration of women artists yet! New Leadership – […]

Feeling Grateful – Martha Richards’ Birthday Blog

Martha Richards passes SWAN Day to Melinda Pfundstein, StateraArts

Since this is my birthday week, I have been taking some time to reflect on my past.  As usual, I feel blessed that I have been able to work with so many talented women artists over the years.  Thanks to all of you!  You make me happy on my birthday and every day. I have […]