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About Martha Richards

Martha Richards is the Founder and Executive Director of WomenArts. She has over 30 years of arts management experience, and she writes and lectures frequently on arts and cultural policy issues. (See her bio)

Tell Your Legislators That Artists Need Jobs!

Lenore Thomas at Work

The Democrats have asked for input about their party platform in preparation for their  annual convention at the end of this month.  The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture has created an online petition asking them to include the creation of more jobs for artists as a goal in their platform. I helped draft this […]

Dallas Museum of Art Unveils New Rebecca Warren Sculpture

Rebecca Warren, Sculptor

On April 18, 2016, the Dallas Museum of Art unveiled Pas de Deux (Plaza Monument), an outdoor sculpture featuring two larger than life figures by the acclaimed British sculptor, Rebecca Warren. This is a milestone for women in the male-dominated world of sculpture.  Warren’s piece is one of the first commissioned works by a living […]

Andi Zeisler’s New Book Tackles Commercialization of Feminism

Andi Zeisler & Anita Sarkeesian

Andi Zeisler was born in the 1970s and she witnessed the intense backlash against feminism in the 1980s and early 1990s. In 1995, the same year that WomenArts was founded in Massachusetts, Zeisler co-founded Bitch Magazine: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture in Oregon. Since pop culture has such a deep influence and is so pervasive, […]

Nominate a Theatre for an Applause Award for Gender Parity

Applause Award Logo

The International Centre for Women Playwrights has established the 50/50 Applause Awards to increase awareness about women playwrights and to applaud theatres that achieve gender parity in their playwright selections. Anyone can nominate a theatre through the ICWP’s online nomination form. Nominations must be submitted by May 20, 2016.You can nominate any theatre that has […]

“We Are Here!” Festival Celebrates Women in Dance, Music & Visual Art

We Are Here Festival

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The We Are Here! Festival (WAH! Fest) will provide a dynamic platform for diverse women choreographers, musicians and visual artists creating contemporary work through a feminist lens this Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1 at San Francisco’s Dance Mission Theater. Presented by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL music in partnership […]

SWAN Events in California, New York & Houston

Flagship Ensemble Presents Site-Specific Second Skin SANTA MONICA, CA – The Flagship Ensemble presents Second Skin, a site-specific ghost play written, directed and performed by women on the beaches of San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Monica between April 14 and May 15.Get all dates, locations, and ticket information>> Told in three interconnected monologues, Kristin Idaszak’s Second […]

SWAN Prague Festival Gathers Women From Many Countries

Christina Maldonado

“This year’s SWAN Prague Festival will feature over 30 women artists from around  the world, and every artist will bring something unique .   .  .  We felt there was a need to do something different, to support and promote women artists and creativity while stressing important social issues .” – Maša Hilčišin, SWAN Prague […]

SWAN Spoken Soul Festival Helps Women Artists Build Careers

“Every single year this event somehow significantly changes a woman’s artistic career. A sisterhood is formed . . .  artists start producing their own events with SWAN sisters, or they meet someone who buys their most expensive painting, or they are simply inspired to continue on their artistic path when they were thinking about giving […]

Happy Support Women Artists Now Day 2016!

I always love reading the listings that people submit for our SWAN Day Calendar because they give me a snapshot of a world that I do not see in the news. The papers are full of endless violence and discord, but SWAN Day lets me see a world of women who continue to dream and create […]

SWAN Day Kenya 2016 Builds Bridges & Connects Artists

“SWAN is the only space that brings peace and fun as we continue talking about our struggles. I organize a lot of political work . . . SWAN Day is different. After a SWAN Day event, one always feels energized , rejuvenated and complete. It’s a platform that brings its own kind of energy and healing.” […]