Pakistani Theater Reclaims Public Space in the Wake of Terror

Pakistan’s Theatre Wallay is using theatre to help communities reclaim schools, movie theaters, and other public spaces which have been targeted as venues for terror.

Women in the Arts & Media Coalition Organizes Summit on Women Playwrights

Shellen Lubin

Shellen Lubin, the indefatigable co-president of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition organized a half-day summit in New York on November 30 to discuss strategies to increase the number of productions of contemporary and historical plays by women. She planned the summit in collaboration with WomenArts, the Dramatists Guild, and the National Theatre Conference. Lubin’s goal was to […]

Celebrate International Women’s Voices Day on January 21

The Women’s Voices Theater Festival in Washington, DC is inviting theatre artists around the world to organize free readings of unproduced plays by women playwrights on January 21, 2018 as part of the new celebration called  International Women’s Voices Day. The Women’s Voices Theater Festival made history in 2015 by producing 52 world premieres of plays by […]

Women Film Directors Challenge Hollywood Sex Discrimination

Maria Giese

Many women artists have wondered whether there were any laws they could use to fight the pervasive gender discrimination they have experienced.  Study after study has shown that these women are not getting their fair share of opportunities.  Why can’t they just bring a lawsuit to solve the problem? In 2011, film director Maria Giese began […]