SWAN Day Hamburg Features Refugee & Migrant Women

SWAN Day Hamburg 2016

Artists Featured in SWAN Day Hamburg 2016

HAMBURG, GERMANY – The second annual SWAN Day Hamburg will feature visual art and music by refugee and migrant women artists currently living in Germany on Sunday, May 1 from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The event is being organized by Aster V. Delgado, a painter who was born in the Philippines and has lived in Hamburg for 10 years. She began painting in 1996 while she was working at the Women’s Crisis Center in Manila. Other artists involved are: Zari Harat (India, Chicago, San Francisco), Jo Silva Hein (Brazil), Inness, LaToya Manly-Spain (Sierra Leone), Luján Martelli (Buenos Aires), Megi Ndreko (Albania), Micheline Orlean-Heimberg (Haiti), Polikarpa Papichula/Simonetta (Argentina), Iman Shaaban (Syria), and Natalie Vazquez (Serbia). Read more on their Facebook page>>