The Colorful, Radical Quilts of Chawne Kimber

Chawne Kimber

Special Guest Post by Maria Hlohowskyj Chawne Kimber is making some of the most powerful artworks today about race, language, women’s rights, and police brutality—all with a needle and thread. Kimber tackles these issues with provocative art quilts and colorful embroideries, all hand-pieced and stitched in painstaking detail. Kimber has become a celebrity in the […]

Heroines of Sound Festival Honors Women in Electronic Music

Dorit Chrysler (Photo: Miriam Dalsgaard )

Guest Reporting by Sandra Bogdanovic. Women in electronic music were celebrated at the Heroines of Sound festival in Berlin, Germany in December 2016.  Founded by Bettina Wackernagel and the Berlin Society of New Music in 2014, Heroines of Sound is designed to showcase the quality and variety of female artists in a circuit where men […]

The Dress Project: Exploring Women’s Power Through Women’s Clothes

Special Guest Post By Ophra Wolf. Seventeen vastly different dresses hang suspended just off the wall, visible to passers-by through the large storefront windows of the Space Create Gallery in Newburgh, NY. There are also ashes, a photograph, and the steady, projected gaze of the women who own these articles. In the middle of it, […]

An Election Guide for Women Artists

Although the mainstream media have been providing non-stop coverage of the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential campaigns, the arts have not been mentioned much. To fill this gap, WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards compares the positions of the candidates on a few key issues that directly affect women artists. Equal Pay – Women working full-time […]

A New Guide To Holocaust Plays By & About Women

Special Guest Post By Cynthia L. Cooper For the past two years Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel, Founder and Executive Director of Remember the Women Institute in New York City, has been compiling a directory of women’s plays about the Holocaust. Women, Theatre and the Holocaust is a directory of plays by women on the Holocaust and plays […]

Tell Your Legislators That Artists Need Jobs!

Lenore Thomas at Work

The Democrats have asked for input about their party platform in preparation for their  annual convention at the end of this month.  The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture has created an online petition asking them to include the creation of more jobs for artists as a goal in their platform. I helped draft this […]