Martha Richards Consults the Oracles for her Birthday!

I usually take time during my birthday week to reflect on the past year, but so much has happened in 2020 that I can’t sort it out with my usual logic, and I have been longing for better ways to access my intuition and other kinds of wisdom.

Fortunately I have discovered Sarah Greenman’s beautiful new “Creative Alchemy Oracle Deck,” a set of 50 cards with evocative images and sentiments.  The cards are a wonderful reminder of the power of the arts to put us in touch with our deepest feelings and core values.  You can watch me doing a special birthday reading in the 5-minute video below.

Greenman describes herself as a “creative alchemist” who believes that creativity is “a bone-deep tool for healing, justice, and revelatory collective liberation.” Her mission statement says, “I liberate myself and those around me by using art to alchemize pain and confusion into joy and connection.”  Her oracle cards embody those values.

Sarah Greenman
Sarah Greenman, Creative Alchemist

I have been following Greenman’s work ever since I saw a production of her brilliant play, “Leni,” a sharply-etched character study of the German filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl.  I went back three times and loved the play more each time. The same is true of these cards and her accompanying writings.

The images on the cards are colorful and inviting, and you can feel Greenman’s wise, expansive spirit  in the cards and in her online interpretations for each card.  Each card has a web page with a quotation or poem to use as a starting point for your reflections, as well as information about the creation of each image and commentary on the meaning of the card.

Here are the three cards that I drew in my birthday reading, and I have linked each card to its online interpretation.

TransformationRelease PerfectionismShow Up for Each Other
Click on the cards to see the interpretations.

My final card was “Show Up For Each Other,” and as I mention in the video, I think this is one of the most important things we can do for each other in these difficult times.  My birthday wish for all of us is that we will continue to find ways to support each other when times are hard and cheer each other on when times are good.

I hope that all of you stay healthy and strong in 2021. The world needs the insight and imagination of artists like you now more than ever!  Happy Holidays to everyone!