Elizabeth Irwin’s “My Mañana Comes” Opens at Marin Theatre Company


Eric Avilés in “My Mañana Comes”

The adventurous Marin Theatre Company continues its excellent commitment to racial and gender diversity with its latest production, the Bay Area premiere of My Mañana Comes written by Elizabeth Irwin and directed by Kirsten Brandt.  

The play follows the behind-the-scenes world of four busboys at an upscale French restaurant in Manhattan, where each one dreams of a better life.  But as the summer season continues, the restaurant’s business dwindles and they must face the threat of wage cuts.

Serious questions about the severity of the minimum wage crisis and rights for undocumented restaurant workers are at the heart of this story, as each worker must decide whether to stand up for his co-workers or just protect himself.   My Mañana Comes offers a fresh take on the pursuit of the “American Dream” and sociopolitical commentary on the solidarity of the working class.

Written by Elizabeth Irwin | Directed by Kirsten Brandt
Featuring Eric Avilés, Caleb Cabrera, Carlos Jose Gonzalez Morales and Shaun Patrick Tubbs


Carlos Jose Gonzalez Morales in “My Mañana Comes”

LENGTH OF SHOW:  One hour and thirty-five minutes, no intermission

PERFORMANCE DATES:  Tuesdays to Sundays through November 22 

ADDRESS:  Marin Theatre Company, 397 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941-2885 | Directions

TICKET PRICES:  $10 – $55  –  Click here to purchase tickets

BOX OFFICE PHONE: 415- 388-5208 

EMAIL:  info@marintheatre.org

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