Miami’s Sixth Annual SWAN Spoken Soul Festival

Deborah Magdalena

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Scenes from SWAN Day Miami

Miami’s SWAN Spoken Soul Festival is an annual three-day event that is building deep community connections and includes special outreach to young people.

The festival organizers place an emphasis on providing networking opportunities for the artists to help them strengthen their personal and professional support systems during the festival. Many artists have reported that these networking opportunities have helped them obtain employment, sales, or commissions for their work.

This Friday SWAN Day Miami artists and production team members will give back to their community by working with students in grades K through 8 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center Arts Afterschool Program.  The artists will work with the children to help them create encouraging poetry and art that will be given to South Florida children with cancer – a wonderful way to encourage caring attitudes in addition to teaching art.

On Saturday night, twelve women artists will be featured in the sixth annual SWAN Spoken Soul Showcase, an event designed to help launch local women artists in the early stages of their careers.

On Sunday, the Vanessa Baez Memorial Lunch will celebrate Vanessa Baez and other everyday women with extraordinary courage. The featured speaker this year will be Carla Hill, who is the Theater Education & Outreach Manager at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center and an advocate for research and awareness of breast cancer in young women, especially those of African descent in the Caribbean.

For the complete schedule & ticket information, please visit the SWAN Spoken Soul Festival website.