SWAN Photo Contest Guidelines

Ebony Amber

Ebony Amber at SWAN Day CT 
Costume/Jewelry: Ebony Amber
Photo: Mandi Martini

Do you or your friends have a SWAN dress, hat, shirt, pants, shoes, bicycle, surf board, motor-boat, second home – anything with swans on it that you can be photographed in, on, or near?  

If so – have someone take a picture and enter the SWAN Photo Contest!

Prizes:  We are offering two first prizes of $500 each – one for the best individual shot, and one for the best group shot. We will create other prizes and categories depending on what we receive.

Content:  We are especially interested in pictures of people (any gender), but if you have a particularly adorable pet who gets into the SWAN spirit, we will welcome those pictures too. (But try not to give your pet a SWANferiority complex).

We want photos that we can publish on the WomenArts website and social media.  The photos must be consistent with our goal of honoring and celebrating women and suitable for a website serving girls as well as women.

Style:  Please make sure your photo is in focus and well-lit.  Try to avoid unintentional shadows or distracting things in the background.  You are more likely to win if the composition is especially interesting.

Rights:  The photographer will retain the copyrights to the photos, but by submitting a picture to this contest, you are granting WomenArts a non-exclusive right to publish it on our website, social media, printed materials, or in any other format in perpetuity.

Submission Process:  Please upload your photo to Facebook, Flickr, your website, or some other online location, and then send us the link using our SWAN Photo Submission Form.  You may enter up to 4 photos. We will start publishing our favorite photos in our newsletters, website, and social media as we receive them.

Deadline:  Please submit your photo by midnight on April 1, 2017.  We have made the deadline after the official SWAN Day on March 25 in case you want to take pictures at your SWAN event.  Please feel free to submit early.  If we get photos we like, we will post them as we receive them. 

Go to the SWAN Photo Submission Form>>