Take the Parent Artist Advocacy League Survey!

Rachel Spencer Hewitt, PAAL Founder

The Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) has just launched a multi-year survey designed to gather information about the challenges facing people in the performing arts and media who have children, dependent parents, or other care-giving responsibilities.

There is very little research on this topic in our field, and so it is important to take the time to fill in their survey if you can.  The survey is at: bit.ly/paal-survey-of-care.

Who Should Take the Survey?

Since PAAL wants to get as complete a picture as possible, they are inviting everyone in the performing arts and media to participate, They invite people of all genders to take the survey:

  • Whether you are a performer or you work behind the scenes as an administrator, educator, or tech person. 
  • Whether you have caregiving responsibilities or not; and   
  • Whether you are currently working in the field or you have left. If you have friends who have left the field because of caregiving responsibilities, please forward the survey to them. Their stories will reveal a lot!  

More About the Survey

The survey takes 15 – 30 minutes for most people to complete, Breaks are OK – your progress will be saved. You are not required to provide your name and any identifying information you provide will be protected.  Only the PAAL survey team will see your answers directly; results will be shared anonymously and in aggregate.  Participants will receive a copy of the final report.  

About the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL)

PAAL’s Caregiver Summit 2022

The Parent Artist Advocacy League is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing support for parents and other people with care-giving responsibilities who work in the performing arts and media. PAAL recognizes that inflexible work schedules, and the lack of childcare, reproductive rights, and other support services can make it difficult or impossible for many people to work in the arts – especially BIPOC artist/caregivers. 

Anti-racism is a central pillar of all of PAAL’s work, and PAAL has developed an eloquent “New Standard of Care”  which explains that there can be no true racial or gender justice or inclusivity in the performing arts and media unless our institutions make a commitment to providing support to caregivers. 

Please visit their website to find out more about their conferences, forums, meet-up groups, affinity spaces, and other activities.