WomenArts Endorses Art Strike – A Cultural Day of Action

Is the economy getting you down?  Are you having trouble finding work or struggling to make ends meet? On December 19 you can join a cultural day of action about the economy called ART STRIKE, a project of the non-profit organization, Rebuild the Dream.

ART STRIKE is asking for submissions of art, design, music, poetry, or video that reflect your views on the economy.  As Congress discusses whether to raise taxes or cut social services, ART STRIKE is asking artists to create work that will show how you or your community will be affected by the choices Congress makes.

WomenArts endorses ART STRIKE because we agree with the organizers that artists have the power to shift public opinion about important social and economic issues. We know that artists can reach people’s hearts as well as their minds.

Ways to Participate

1) Create something. Artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, designers are coming together to show the economic choices we face. Find out how to submit your art at: http://artstrike.tumblr.com/submit

2) Spread the word to your networks.  Promote artstrike.tumblr.com in advance and encourage people to join in.

3) Join ART STRIKE on December 19. Publish your own art or videos, share something cool created for ART STRIKE, or visit artstrike.tumblr.com and share stuff with your friends. Tweet, share, forward, or get out in the street in your community — collectively, we can put heart-changing content in front of millions, and change the conversation.

4) Send your links to WomenArts – If you create or share art for ART STRIKE, especially art that features women’s economic issues, please be sure to send WomenArts a link so that we can share it on our Facebook pages and elsewhere.

Thanks for being an artist and for sharing your creativity!

Best Wishes,
Martha Richards
Executive Director, WomenArts