100 SWAN Events Listed So Far – 15 Happening This Week!

Dear Friends,

Hurray for women’s creativity!  There are already 100 events listed on our official SWAN Calendar! Be sure to post your events if you want us to include them in our annual mailing of the complete SWAN list on March 31.

We are thrilled with the diversity of the events that are being posted.  It is truly inspiring to browse through the listings and learn about so many wonderful projects.

There are 15 SWAN events between today and Sunday, and they are happening all over the world. I have listed a few of them below to give you a sense of the range, but please visit the SWAN Calendar to see them all.

Happy SWAN Month to all of you. Thank you for being women artists!

Martha Richards

Executive Director, WomenArts

Selected SWAN Events – March 7 – 11

What Do the Women Say?

Golden Thread Productions, La Pena, Oakland, CA

Thursday, March 8 at 8 p.m.

Golden Thread Productions will host a conversation with four Middle Eastern women performers: Jennifer Jajeh (I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I