Women Take Center Stage!


Letter from the Executive Director

New This Year – SWAN Festival Bulgaria!
SWAN Day Highlights from Hartford, Pittsburgh, Miami, New York, Chicago & Northampton


Dear Friends,

Women will take center stage in Support Women Artists Now Day events around the world this weekend. I am especially proud of the fact that in the fourth year of this holiday, we have so many groups that are organizing substantial SWAN Day events on an annual basis. The events in this newsletter are just a few of the 154 events that have been posted on our SWAN Day Calendar>>

Since the official SWAN Day is Saturday, March 26, we will be compiling our annual list of all the SWAN Day events on Friday. We will send the list to over 10,000 subscribers around the world on SWAN Day, and we will keep the list on our website all year.

If you want to be on this year’s list, please be sure to post your event on our SWAN Day Calendar by this Thursday afternoon. The listing is free.

Anyone is welcome to create a SWAN Day event in any art form. The only requirement is that the event should celebrate women artists. Post your event now>>

Thanks again to all of you who are creating such wonderful SWAN Day events. Together we will show the world the full range and power of women’s creativity!

Martha Richards, Executive Director, WomenArts


Jennifer Hill is organizing her fourth SWAN Day Connecticut in East Hartford with a mix of musicians, other kinds of performers, and visual artists. Hill is an award-winning singer-songwriter, and the main music stage is always the heart of her events. This year she will feature women led rock bands and musicians such as She Eats Planets, The Grimm Generation, Sarah LeMieux, SisterFunk, Canyon, Addie Brownlee, The And Band, Laura Ganci, and Hill’s own band, Jennifer Hill & Company.

Hell’s Bells Productions did a documentary about SWAN Day CT last year which you can now download online>>. Hill has been getting great publicity this year on the radio and in newspapers. You can find the links on the SWAN Day CT Facebook page>>

Also, congratulations to Hill and her husband on the birth of their daughter Harlow Eden on December 30, 2010. It’s wonderful to realize that we are now in a world where baby girls can learn about SWAN Day at age 3 months!!


No Name Players is presenting their 3rd annual SWAN Day event featuring world premiere works by local musicians, dancers, poets, theatre artists, visual artists, fashion designers, and performance artists. Over 60 artists will participate on March 24 and 25.

This year they have added an exciting new element. They gathered groups of women living in Pittsburgh and filmed them as they talked about what’s important to them – what they love, what they fear, whatever else was on their minds.

They condensed this 28 hours of “interview” footage to a 53 minute DVD which they provided to the participating artists in their SWAN Day event. Those artists were then asked to create original pieces using that footage as inspiration. So their entire event will consist of world premiere works inspired by the thoughts and voices of the women of Pittsburgh! More info: www.nonameplayers.org


The Poetic Seven are organizing a 3 day SWAN Spoken Soul Festival in Miami. They will start this Friday with a community educational program where they will share their skills with young girls and women as a benefit for Artoconecto’s KIDSART program. On Saturday, they will have their Spoken Soul Showcase featuring women spoken word artists and other performers and craftswomen. Then on Sunday, they will have the 7th Annual Vanessa Baez Memorial Lunch celebrating “everyday women with extraordinary courage.”

The Poetic Seven got their Mayor to proclaim SWAN Day Miami last year, and they have received great radio and online coverage in English and Spanish. This year they were covered in both the paper and online versions of the Miami New Times. You can watch this year’s promo video featuring Deborah Magdalena, listen to their podcasts and read more about them at: www.spokensoulfestival.com


The Northampton Academy of Music will launch its new Women’s Initiative on Saturday, March 26 with a SWAN Day production of Sarah Ruhl’s “Eurydice” directed by Linda McInerney with original music by Paula Kimper.

Debra J’Anthony, the Executive Director of the Academy, has noted that many women’s plays receive workshop productions but are never fully staged. Her SWAN Day goal is to do at least one fully-staged production of a new work by a woman writer at the Academy every year.

The Northampton Academy of Music has wonderful potential for this kind of work. It is the sixth oldest opera house in the country, a beautiful facility in a region where there is a strong interest in women’s issues because there are several women’s colleges nearby.

For next year J’Anthony has begun work with Linda McInerney and Paula Kimper on an opera about
Sojourner Truth, the African-American abolitionist who lived in Northampton in the 1840s and 50s.
More info: www.academyofmusictheatre.com


Desislava Dimova
Desislava Dimova, Bulgaria

Three cheers for Desislava Dimova, a musician and the manager of Art Nova Foundation, who is organizing an ambitious SWAN Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria from April 4 – 10.

Dimova built partnerships with Wonderland Events (a women-led organization), Snejana Gallery (also led by women) and Telemaniac Media Group, the biggest PR agency in Bulgaria.
The festival will include a variety of art forms. Check out their cool website: www.swanfestivalbg.com


Tanya Saracho
Playwright Tanya Saracho

SWAN Day Co-founder and Chicago film critic, Jan Lisa Huttner, has found a great way to show our support of theatres that produce plays written or directed by women.

The Goodman Theatre is doing two plays by women, and Huttner has organized a SWAN Day group to see their matinee of Yasmina Reza’s “God of Carnage” followed by their premiere performance of Tanya Saracho’s “El Nogalar” that evening.

In between the group will enjoy a special discussion with the Goodman’s literary manager and other women artists on staff, and a light supper at Petterino’s restaurant. More info on the SWAN Day Calendar>>


Two New York groups are celebrating SWAN Day by creating awards for women artists. This is a terrific response to the lack of mainstream recognition. We hope that more groups will create SWAN Day awards next year.

NYWIFT Honors Directors
NY Women in Film and TV, which usually hosts a SWAN Day film screening and reception, has added a new twist this year. They asked their members to vote on the top women film directors of the past decade, and the winners will be presented with awards. The event will be sponsored by HerFlix.com, a new place to find films by women. More info at: www.nywift.org.

NYCWAM Honors Collaborators
The New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts and Media celebrates women artists by giving out a $1,000 award for successful collaborations among women from different specializations in the arts and media.

Congratulations to this year’s winners – Stefanie Zadravec (playwright – Dramatists Guild) and Daniella Topol (director – Stage Directors and Choreographers) for their collaboration on The Electric Baby. More info at:


The Georgetown Theatre Company and Women in Film & Video will present an all-day SWAN Day DC event featuring free music, theatre and storytelling performances, poetry readings, visual arts and film screenings this Saturday. See schedule>>

To help publicize their event, they organized A Taste of SWAN Day: Meet the Women Artists at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on March 17. This 90-minute event featured a poetry reading, the reading of a short play and the screening of a short film. It is great to see women’s arts organizations working together like this.


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