SWAN Day Publicity Tools

We have assembled a few tools to make it as easy as possible for you to do the publicity for your SWAN Day event.

Downloadable Logos

To download the official SWAN Day logos, please click here>>

Downloadable Poster or Postcard Design

To download our SWAN Day poster/postcard design, please click here>>

Publicity Basics

For an overview of SWAN Day publicity goals and story ideas for getting feature coverage, please click here>>

Information about the Status of Women Artists

For information about women’s employment status in the arts, please click here>> 

Sample Press Releases

To see our sample press releases for SWAN Day events, please
click here>>

Sample Mayoral Proclamation

For a sample proclamation to send to the Mayor of your town, please
click here>>

Statements to Print in Your Programs or Read at Your Events

For statements about SWAN Day and a special SWAN Day Greeting from Martha Richards that you can print in your programs or read at your events, please click here>>

Posting Your Event on the International Museum of Women Calendar

The International Museum of Women (www.imow.org) is a “virtual museum” with online exhibits about women’s issues.  Among the many wonderful resources that they offer, there is a community calendar where you can post your SWAN Day or other events.  To post an event, please visit:  www.imow.org/community/calendar/index>>