Not Even: Impact of Directors Gender

Do women direct plays by women and men direct plays by men?

Both female and male directors work more often with male playwrights. But female directors are twice as likely to work with female playwrights as male directors. Both female and male directors work with more male actors than female actors. But female directors work with casts that are more likely to have gender parity.  Female directors are also more likely to cast women who are members of Actors’ Equity.

TABLE 8 –  Shows Directed by Women

Shows Directed by Women
202 directors; 194 shows
37% Non-Union/Union Code; 63% Union Contract
Women Men
Playwrights 36%
82 artists
148 artists
Union Actors 45%
235 artists
287 artists
Non-Union Actors 48%
446 artists
478 artists

TABLE 9 – Shows Directed by Men

Shows Directed by Men
296 directors; 269 shows
34% Non-Union/Union Code; 66% Union Contract
Women Men
Playwrights 17%
56 artists
270 artists
Union Actors 36%
281 artists
497 artists
Non-Union Actors 44%
547 artists
704 artists