Not Even: Are Women Siloed Into Women’s Projects

Do women artists tend to get siloed into working on ‘women’s projects’ with fewer resources to do their work?


Women Playwrights

  • were more likely to write a majority female cast show
  • were twice as likely to be directed by a female director
  • received significantly fewer productions at the union level

Women Directors

  • worked with female playwrights less often than they worked with male playwrights, but at almost twice the rate of male directors
  • got fewer opportunities to work on majority male cast productions (more of which are produced at higher union contract levels)

Women Actors

  • worked more often in shows written by women
  • worked more often in shows directed by women

Women Union Actors

  • were cast more often than men union actors in shows written by women
  • were closer to parity in shows directed by women

Siloed may not be the correct term here.  Women have been collaborating with women, and female playwrights and directors have given female actors more opportunities than male playwrights and directors have.  However, the disparity in total numbers of projects for women vs. men in all categories does indicate that women playwrights, directors and actors receive fewer resources and opportunities than their male counterparts.