Looking for Money?

The funding environment is very challenging these days due to a variety of economic factors that have nothing to do with your talent or the artistic merit of your work.  Many excellent artists are struggling to make a living these days.

WomenArts does not have a grants program, and we do not have enough staff to respond to your fundraising questions, but we are rooting for you to find the resources you need to fully realize your artistic goals.  Even if you don’t get all the money you would like, we hope that you will find ways to keep doing your art. The world needs your talent and creativity!

If you are looking for advice about raising money for your arts project or education, here are some resources that may be helpful.

  • NYFA Source, which is maintained by the New York Foundation for the Arts, is the most comprehensive online resource for artists and arts professionals in the U.S. with listings for over 12,000 awards, services and publications.  More listings are added every day.
  • If you are looking for basic information, WomenArts has some helpful articles about fundraising, publicity, fiscal sponsorships, and crowdfunding in the Build Your Skills section of our website.   We also have a few listings of organizations that make grants in the Funding Resources section of our website.  Our lists are designed to give you a start, and hopefully encourage you to check out other online resources.
  • If you are a theatre or film/video artist, the Women in Arts and Media Coalition publishes free monthly newsletters which list upcoming opportunities for festivals, script submissions, grants, residencies, auditions, and more. You can read the latest issues and sign up for the newsletters at www.womenartsmediacoalition.org/opportunities.

Good Luck!