Jennifer Hill

SWAN Song Submission Guidelines

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill, SWAN Day CT

WomenArts is now accepting submissions for our second annual SWAN Day Song Contest!  We are looking for inspiring songs about women that can be sung at SWAN Day events and at other community gatherings.

If you have written a great song that fits our guidelines below, please send it in!  The top prize is $1,000, the second prize is $500, and we will create other prizes depending on the entries we receive.   The winning songs will be featured in the WomenArts Blog, newsletters and social media.

Content of the Song:  Since the goal of Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day is to celebrate the power and diversity of women’s creativity, you will have the best chance of winning the top prize if your song is:

  • about women artists;  or
  • about the process of creating art in any medium (music, dance, film, visual arts, etc.); or
  • about Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day.

We also will consider excellent original songs that directly address women’s issues (such as body image, reproductive rights, or equal pay) or songs about women addressing important social issues (such as racism, immigration, the environment, or peace).  We occasionally give small awards to songs just because we love them, even if they do not fit our guidelines exactly.  

Style:  We prefer songs that people can learn fairly quickly and sing together.  If the song is not in English, please submit a translation of the lyrics and at least one verse in English.

Copyrights: Artists will retain the copyrights to the songs but they will grant WomenArts a non-exclusive right to use the songs on the web and in our print materials.  Please note that we can only accept original material where you (or you and your collaborators) own the rights to both the music and the lyrics of the song you submit.

Submission Process:  Please upload your song to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, your website, or some other online location, and then send us the link using our SWAN Song Submission Form.  You can submit a maximum of two songs.  You must use a separate submission form for each song.

Deadline:  Please submit your song by Monday, April 30, 2018. We plan to announce the winners in May 2018. 

Prizes:  We are offering a first prize of $1,000, a second prize of $500, and additional prizes depending on the entries we receive.  All winners will be featured in the WomenArts Blog, newsletter, and social media.