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Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day

WomenArts, in collaboration with Women in the Audiences Supporting Women Artists Now (WITASWAN), declared a new annual international holiday to celebrate women artists in 2008. Celebrations of the seventh Support Women Artists Now Day (SWAN Day for short) will take place throughout the months of March (Women’s History Month) and April in 2014. You can find lots of articles about past SWAN events by searching the WomenArts Blog for posts created during March or April from 2008 on.

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The WomenArts Network (Note: The WomenArts Network Is Temporarily Unavailable)

The WomenArts Network is an online directory designed to give Women artists more visibility by creating a convenient, centralized place to find them. You can search through the profiles of 1,600 women artists by name, keyword, geographic region or other criteria, or find out how to create your own free profile page. We are in the process of redesigning this program and it is temporarily offline. We hope to bring it back in summer 2016.

Funding Resources

The Funding Resources section of the site helps women artists get the fundraising information they need quickly and easily. There are carefully annotated lists of funding sources and other useful information. Browse through our lists of funders, or sign up for our free funding newsletters for theatre and film/video artists! Please note: WomenArts does not make cash grants.

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Build Your Skills

Need help understanding the business end of the arts? Learn the basics of fundraising, publicity, fiscal sponsorships, and more.

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Learn about Women’s Employment in the Arts

Get the facts about the discrimination against women in the arts.

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WomenArts Blog, Facebook Page, and Newsletters

Check out the WomenArts Blog, join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, read our latest funding or general interest newsletters, and more. We have established the WomenArts News Room with live feeds from more than 30 feminist arts bloggers.

The Hot Pink Pen Review Films Written & Directed by Women

Jan Lisa Huttner, Chicago film critic and SWAN Day co-creator, writes reviews of films written and directed by women.

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WomenArts Store

Visit the WomenArts Store for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, magnets, mugs & more!

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Special Projects

Harmony Project

With the help of a generous grant from Arts and Culture Program of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, WomenArts developed the Harmony Project during 2011. The goals of the project were to explore the factors that encourage and inhibit partnerships between women artists and women’s organizations, and to identify ways to build more partnerships between women artists and women’s organizations who share the same goals.

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Women Artists During the Great Depression of the 1930’s

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a jobs program in the U.S. called the Works Progress Administration (WPA) that employed over 40,000 artists. It was the largest arts employment program in the history of the U.S. Women played critical roles as administrators and artists.

To honor the 75th Anniversary of the WPA during 2010, WomenArts posted resource materials and a new play script that will help you learn more about the women who shaped this fascinating chapter of American history.

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