Latest Past Events

Breaking the Glass Frame: Women and Animation, Past, Present, Future

USC, 930 West 34th Street, Los Angeles

Breaking the Glass Frame: Women and Animation, Past, Present, Future is an international research network that brings together scholars, educators, historians, practitioners, industry personnel, curators, programmers and viewers to explore and celebrate women’s historical and contemporary contribution to commercial and independent animation and academia. The network’s Los Angeles Symposium will take place on October 6th […]

$1 – $2018

Statera Foundation National Conference

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Milwaukee

Join us for the Statera National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from October 4-7, 2018. Meet with theatre professionals from all over the country for three days of networking, socializing, experience-sharing, theatre-going and more! The Statera conference is all about intersectional gender balance and our goal is to take action to bring artists who identify as female […]

$175 – $225

In Civility – Part 2: Outrage Machine

CounterPulse 80 Turk St, San Francisco

Deborah Slater Dance Theater uses art as a tool to explore, re-contextualize, and reframe difficult life experiences. We ask, “What does it mean that we have gone into a behavioral retrograde at such an astonishing rate? How is it that what was inappropriate, unthinkable, cruel, ignorant, racist, and sexist… has been made acceptable, even ‘normal’ […]

$15 – $20