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Breasts. An Art Exhibit of Form and Function.

March 12, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 1:30 am

The Breast Show

This is the Breast art show. It is an art exhibit of form and function.
CALL TO ARTISTS! We are seeking art work and photography depicting the breast. We leave the idea about what this show is about up to you. We want artists to create pieces that form an idea about the breast and it’s place in our lives.
This is an open submission process; no hanging or submission fees. Enter as many peices as you like. We are also looking for everyone to invite artists and photographers they know to participate and attend!
Be clever, create with passion, encourage others to do so!
You may send your submission to
No submissions will be accepted via facebook.

+++++SUBMISSIONS END MARCH 5TH++++++++++++


adam layne
Adam Serafino
Alan BArboza
Aleksander Drakulic
alex arnold
alex kilburn
Allison Bouganim
Allison Snopek
Ana Koehler
Andrea Vidrine
andrew Mcdonald
Angela DeCenzo
Angela Overhoff
Angeline Otis
Anna Kostanian
Anna Luna
april hieschman
Arron McGuire
Bella Whimsy
Benjamin Wester
Brad Mamalis
Candy C
CArly Terreson
carolina gallegos
Carrie Dhillon
Cassandra Steele
cat avina
Chelsea Vaughn
chloe nicols
christian masulit
Danya Gingerich
Darlene J. Amidon-Brent
DAvid Badgley
Debra Tsouprake
Dj Diagnosis
Donna Steelman
elizabeth erenberger
emily linstrom
evie cupcakes
Fiama Giger
gio angeles
Giovanna Giordano
Gohar Barseghyan
Ian Maile
isa Amalee
Isabel Jackson
itzel ponce
jay sittler
Jeff Neugebauer
Jen Soloman
Jim Newberry
josh Zubkoff
Juri Koll
Justin Graham
Kira Polyudova
Lani Buchignani
Laura Lineback
LAura MAlone
Lauren Jyoti
Leah Nelson
Lynn Binau
Malisa suchanya
MArty FArfan
melinda cryer
melinda Paix
Michael Moore
mike knuist
Miles Eastman
Monika Gubernatis
Nadia Bueno Torres
Nancy Good
Nanette Reindeau
Natalia Chippa
Natalie Gabriel
Natalie McKean
Nicolò Sertorio
Party Girl Pearl
Paul Von Hartman
Rachel Welles
Rebecca Babb
revan evan
Robert Hirai
roxy blank
Ruby Rieke
shane waller
Shiva Sharifi
Stacy-Ann Hyde
Steve Chelski
stewart harris
Stuart Skalka
tara swan
terence healey
Tifferz Salter
Tom Kubik
Tracy Piper


March 12, 2017
6:00 pm - 1:30 am


Ezra Croft


The Public Works SF
161 Erie St (Off Mission Between Duboce and 14th)
San Francisco, CA 94103 United States