Happy Support Women Artists Now Day 2019!

Women around the world are celebrating the Twelfth International Support Women Artists Now Day today.  Hurray!!  Please be sure to tell your favorite women artists how much you appreciate them today!

A Special SWAN Message from Martha Richards,
WomenArts Executive Director

Martha Richards in SWAN Day Video

WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards offers a special SWAN greeting.

Thanks so much to everyone who has made SWAN Day such a wonderful success for all these years, and a very special thank-you to StateraArts for doing such a fantastic job of leading SWAN Day this year.  They have been managing the SWAN Calendar, and over 200 SWAN events have been posted so far!

Check out the StateraArts Virtual SWAN Day Party!

Can’t catch a SWAN Day Event in your area? Then join StateraArts for a Virtual SWAN Day Party today ! It’s happening all day long – SWAN Day interviews, photos from SWAN events all over the globe, live feeds from events, video trailers from SWAN Day projects, and more! Join us on Facebook HERE and invite your friends.

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